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Rīga, Ventspils - 53
Tel.: 67408406     Fakss.: 67408410

Darbības veidi: Darbu izpildīšana: Firma veic visa veida celtniecības darbus.

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Seychelles offshore shelf companies are previously organized and
< >
never used corporations, with registered capital and all the costs paid,
< >
which can be purchased for customer's immediate needs, in order
< >
to avoid the waiting time for incorporation, or for those clients
< >
who wish to operate with long established offshore entity.
< >
Personal privacy of any shareholder or director is well protected as their names
< >
do not appear in any BVI incorporation documents and public records.
< >
In their turn, shareholders and directors
< >
are ensuring confidentiality of beneficiary owners.
< >
The International Business Company is a corporate formation
< >
with limited liability, conducting no business in the BVI,
< >
fully exempt from the BVI income taxes and
< >
only paying annual nominal fee to the government.
< >
There is no universal way of establishing an offshore entity -
< >
each business situation needs the individual configuration
< >
of an offshore company. If properly organized,
< >
Gibraltar offshore company allows to improve business efficiency, to get
< >
substantial tax benefits, to reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.
< >
Economical and legal stability in Gibraltar gives additional
< >
advantages to the owners of Gibraltar offshore companies:
< >
not only they enjoy all the features of asset protection, but also
acquire stability and good reputation for their business.