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The Gibraltar Non Resident company is practical and cost efficient
< >
type of company for offshore international business activities.
< >
It is an excellent alternative to the Irish non-resident company
< >
which was very popular as offshore vehicle until 1999.
< >
There is no universal way of establishing an offshore entity -
< >
each business situation needs the individual configuration
< >
of an offshore company. If properly organized,
< >
Gibraltar offshore company allows to improve business efficiency, to get
< >
substantial tax benefits, to reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.
< >
Economical and legal stability in Gibraltar gives additional
< >
advantages to the owners of Gibraltar offshore companies:
< >
not only they enjoy all the features of asset protection, but also
< >
acquire stability and good reputation for their business.
< >
The Gibraltar non-resident company is the best way to protect your
< >
personal assets or to hold your property and investments, when
< >
the complicated tax exemption and tax planning schemes are not needed.
< >
Seychelles offshore IBC stays asolutely tax-free if not carrying on business
< >
in Seychelles. Other rules for Seychelles offshore companies are not to own
real estate in Seychelles and not to conduct banking and insurance operations.